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dear rurutia,

can u not write songs too beautyly
my heart cannot take
i may die 'too much pretty song' one day
but not that im not looking forward to that tho

soon dead,

Anyhow, here's my take. I've seen others' and there are many differences than what I came up with.
There's just too many 'omg so deep i can't even see anymore' lines in this song.

Prolly help if I would finish the game Atelier Escha & Logy first maybe.

Pluie [ French for 'rain']
Lyrics:  Rurutia

渦巻く 花びらが 空へと舞い上がり また落ちていく
遥かな大地 乾いた風 君と二人 歩き進んでく

何もあげられない 何も この手に残っていなくて
ただ 地平線に滲む炎が 希望という名前なら それだけでいい

ずっとその胸に描いてた 物語の風景の果てに
君の探し求める答えがあるのなら ああ
ねえ ほら オーロラに導かれるように
プリズムの波を渡り 前だけを見て

やがて燃え尽き世界が飲み込まれても 君に血潮を捧げよう

輝く君の飛び立つ姿 銀の灯を身にまとう
その瞬間を見届ける事こそが この胸の答え
ねえ きっと オーロラに導かれて 一人
プリズムの波を渡り 旅立つ君に
光の雨は降る uh…

ずっとその胸に描いてた 物語の風景の果てに
君の探し求める答えがあるのなら ああ


Flower petals swirling up towards the sky, only to fall back again to the ground
We continued to walk together, the two of us, in the dry air of a distant land

I have nothing to give, none at all remained with me
But if I can just name the fading flame over the horizon a hope, then that will be enough

The answers you seek had always been there;
at the very edge of the scenery in the story drawn in your heart
Hey look, the auroras are like a guide (leading towards there)
Although we can only watch them from across the prismatic waves,
Seeing through the rain of lights

I would still be offering all of me* for you
Even if I would be completely consumed by this burning world

Certainly, just to see you - clad in silver flame, shining so brightly,
Just to witness that moment when you took off;
are all the answers to my story**
Hey, for surely the auroras will be as your guide;
for your journey to cross the prismatic waves alone
The rain of lights are falling...

The answers you seek had always been there;
at the very edge of the scenery in the story drawn in your heart


* 血潮 (chishio), from what I can find, literally meant the 'blood spilled from your body'.
though I don't doubt Rurutia intended for the literal meaning - she had mentioned 'willing to kill' in her lyrics before,
I'm going for the far-fetched metaphorical meaning instead

** referred to the previous chorus. literal translation will not mean much.


[sharing] Haruka to Miyuki

Posted on 2014.02.07 at 22:25
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ハルカトミユキ (literally, Haruka and Miyuki in English), is a duo of poet as vocalist and an eccentric (said so in the official website, not me) keyboardist. They met while in university and formed a band for the love of the same type of music. Their music is described as Alternative Folk. Check out their Youtube channel for some PVs.

Discovered them by chance. They're great to listen to for fans of grunge-y type of music, but they do catchy-tune Pop too.


Uploads only by request. Drop me a message either here on LJ, or my Last.fm, or my Tumblr.


2013 IN JPOP!

Posted on 2013.12.30 at 11:26
Current Music: 志方あきこ - 化石の楽園 | Powered by Last.fm
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It's that time of the year again. The whole album releases in 2013, in three fun categories. Also three more fun acknowledgements.

If you're interested in any of what you see here, leave me a comment. I'll see if I can upload it for you.

unhide listCollapse )

Kinda okay... I guess
unhide listCollapse )

No, I don't think so
unhide listCollapse )

Best album of the year (not in order)
Perfume - LEVEL3
Yousei Teikoku - PAX VESANIA
Akiko Shikata - Turaida
Yasuha Kominami - Chimera

Best song of the year (not in order)
Akiko Shikata - Kaseki no Rakuen
BABYMETAL - Megitsune
Kalafina - Manten
Perfume - 1mm

Best find of the year
Sayaka Shionoya


Yousei Teikoku - missing [English translation]

Posted on 2013.06.09 at 02:25
Current Music: 妖精帝國 - missing | Powered by Last.fm
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I like this song best from Pax Vesania. close tie with Solitude, which fyi will be my next translation. either that or Zetsubou Plantation.

I appreciate if no one use my translation as the 'real' translation because I heavily depends on google translate and my meager understanding of Japanese.

Yousei Teikoku - missing
Lyrics by: Yui

KanjiCollapse )


Romaji by meCollapse )


English translation by meCollapse )

* - made that one up. sry. don't know how to translate that AND make sense of it.

You know you're fucked with your translation when the part you get problems the most was the chorus. Yes. This happened for this particular song. Which is pretty bad, since I really like the song. Sorry if I ruined the song for you guys.

Anyhow, here's my best try. My understanding is that the song tells a story of an heir to a collapsed empire, and how she was determined to bring it back to its former glory... or something in that manner. I'm not so sure.

Yousei Teikoku - Astral Dogma
Lyrics by Yui

KanjiCollapse )


RomajiCollapse )


English translationCollapse )

* - I get the 'yureru honoo' part, the rest is a case of lolwat
** - Akasha is sanskrit for ether, but she mentioned that in the previous line already so I left it as it is
*** - yeah I just made this up. I don't know who or what Ripika stands for.

lol why am i still translating tho my Japanese so meh IRDK but I really like this song so I wanna know what's it about and I did so YAY! Thank you WWWJDIC!

The whole idea of this song is probably during the last day of the earth a.k.a Judgement Day. She sees everything that is wrong and corrupt with the world, heard the voices of her bad and good conscience, then later questions herself. Pretty much a typical Yui's writing.

Kanzen Houkai Paradox
(Complete collapse of paradox)
By: Yousei Teikoku
Lyrics by: Yui

KanjiCollapse )

RomajiCollapse )

Translation by meCollapse )


Godly songs? Here's mine.

Posted on 2013.02.26 at 19:10
Current Music: mihimaru GT - ウィガリスター | Powered by Last.fm
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So recently I came across a post on aramatheydidnt about a ranking of God Songs. As expected from mainstream Jpop, most of them are idols  and male vocalists but unfortunately irrelevant to my interest. This slightly offended me but I know I was never the 'normal' fan of Jpop.

Anyhow, I thought I might share my own Top 10 Godly Songs. Complete with downloads. YAY!
Under the cutCollapse )

Well. I tried. Dammit Yui and your confusing lyrics.

Kami, Nozomu Sekai to Hakoniwa Gensou
(The Illusions the hopeful world and the miniature gardens of the Gods)
Lyrics by: Yui

KanjiCollapse )

RomajiCollapse )

Translation by meCollapse )


2012 - Another year in my Jpop

Posted on 2012.12.30 at 10:45
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I really need to cut down on my unhealthy Jpop intake. It's eating too much of my time. I have 3 books still sitting pretty in their plastic shrink wrap for months. Not to mention the growing numbers of abandoned fanfics, translation projects... BUT I JUST FACKING CANT HOW THE FACK YOU STOP DOING SOMETHING YOU LOVE FOR ALMOST TEN YEARS?! All 16k+ of my Jpop are illegal. I'm really sorry, Japanese music industry, but your stuff is just so good yet so expensive.

Anyhow. Here's the years album releases broke down to three general ratings.

Good stuffCollapse )

just okayCollapse )

lolwatCollapse )

Top 10 Songs of 2012
1. hitomi - ↑↓
2. ALI PROJECT - Gansakushi
3. RURUTIA - The Name of Anger
4. Tommy heavenly6 - I'M YOUR DEVIL
5. Yousei Teikoku - Herrscher
6. mini - Are U Ready?
7. Tommy february6 - HOT CHOCOLATE
8. Yasuha Kominami - Trash
9. MONKEY MAJIK - Headlight
10. Perfume - Hurly Burly


Kalafina - serenato [Re-translated]

Posted on 2012.11.12 at 23:36
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Redid this one because I think I can do better.

Still my favorite Kalafina song. No competition because Wakana.

Kalafina - serenato
Lyrics by Yuki Kajiura

English translationCollapse )

I don't think I've ever did an ALIPRO song before... right? I don't remember if I ever done one before for one very important reason that is Arika's lyrics are very elegant. The difficult type of elegance, if you get what I mean. Maybe this is the only time I'd ever attempted to translate Arika's lyrics...

Anyhow, this is currently my absolute favorite song from them. I'm still crying over the fact that there's no PV for this perfection.

ALI PROJECT - Gansakushi [Master Counterfeiter]
Lyrics by: Arika Takarano

KanjiCollapse )

RomajiCollapse )

TranslationCollapse )

* I don't actually have the exact translation for 'kouetsu'.
All I know 恍=feign, and 悦=self satisfaction, but I'm not entirely sure. Help?

Not for the better, but with a different interpretation of the lyrics. I have no other hobbies apparently except trying to teach myself Japanese. You can compare to what I did back in 2009 and see if I've improved in any way.

I still have a hard time determining the perspective of the story. One line it's Yui as the character in the story, while the next is her as the storyteller. IDK. Oh yeah. I left out the random strange bridge. I think it's some kind of another language, but not anything I recognize. Random gibberish? Yui's self-created language? A spell to summon Spiritua? You tell me.

Yousei Teikoku - Kikai Shoujo Gensou [ The Machine Girl's Illusion ]
Lyrics by Fairy Yui

I want to be rid of this vulnerable body and obtain the one just created (artificially)
Why, despite their flawless theory and conduct, they still needed fools like us?*

With detailed machinery for brains to overcome egoistic thoughts
Bodies that goes against passing time and shines for eternity

The illusions we long for is right there in front of us

The city is now filled with the ongoing flow of man-made human with no personality
But then it's far too late to realize our mistake
The discarded (original) bodies had already been processed

With the brain too easily distracted with egoistic thoughts
The fading emotions, too, are the eternal worth

The illusions we long for are like a dream

There is no turning back to the bodies we desired to be

* I think it meant using them as a test subject or some sort.

I've been meaning to try to translate this ever since I found the song, that was the same day the OST was leaked I think. I still stands on the opinion that Yousei Teikoku's best song are always the insert songs or the b-side. The only A-side that surpassed this was Mischievous of Alice and none else.

Anyways this song is as Yousei Teikoku as it gets. The theme here in invasion. I think Yui wrote this in a perspective of a soldier who is on a march to invade a land that was hers, but I might be wrong on this one. See if you can interprete it any different.

I shouldn't remind you how sketchy my translation is, right? I no speak Japonese. I no write English goodly.

Yousei Teikoku - Orokana Ketsumatsu [Foolish Consequences]
Lyrics by Fairy YUI

KanjiCollapse )

RomajiCollapse )

TranslationCollapse )

Welp. Not a very 'interesting' lyrics to a very good song. Not anything like "Carve out some proof that you were born in this word if you were to find your true self and your future" or "If she dares to dig her claws on you and takes you away again, I will kill her with my bare hands". Or I might be interpreting with a wrong perspective altogether. Meh.

I think the romaji version is already available elsewhere so I'm gonna skip that.

RURUTIA - In The Majority
Lyrics by: Rurutia

KanjiCollapse )

TranslationCollapse )

* I just found out the reference for 'black vehicle'. Read here.
it's kinda interesting to see her political views in her song.


RURUTIA - Spectral [English translation]

Posted on 2012.09.17 at 15:11
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I don't believe in bad music, only music I can't like. This song is pretty 'strange' compared to Rurutia's previous songs, and quite awkward to listen to since this is her first time experimenting with vocal manipulation program - a.k.a Autotune. Like what I might have said before, I have nothing agaist autotune. It's one of the styles of music. It's an instrument to making music. It adds the sci-fi theme to this song instead of the usual fantasy aura we get in her other songs.

Welp I'm getting off topic. Anyhow, here's the infamous autotune attempt of Rurutia. The lyrics is pretty tricky to convert into English so this you could say a partial translation somewhat. Kanji, Romaji and translation is by me.

RURUTIA - スペクトル [Spectral]
Lyrics by: Rurutia

KanjiCollapse )

RomajiCollapse )

TranslationCollapse )

I would say this is the best new song from the latest album. It's a pretty easy song to translate... or I might be misinterpreting the real message. Welp. If you trust my sketchy Japanese.

All Kanji, Romaji and translation is done by me.

RURUTIA - The Name of Anger
Lyrics by: RURUTIA

KanjiCollapse )

RomajiCollapse )

TranslationCollapse )

I translated this before, but it was crap. So I thought I might try this again. I love this song the most of all their A-sides because I like songs with little to no verse repitition.

This song pretty much tells about a girl to be sacrificed to an unknown god. She simply accepted her fate, thinking that she would be in a much better place than the world she lived in.

Yousei Teikoku - Scwarzer Sarg [German for Black Coffin]
Lyrics by Fairy Yui

Read more...Collapse )


RURUTIA - Mystic Pendulum

Posted on 2012.07.25 at 21:25
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I thought I'd have no problem trying to translate, but I forgot how to English goodly.

RURUTIA - Mystic Pendulum
Lyrics by RURUTIA

Kanji version

Romaji versionCollapse )

(not a very good) TranslationCollapse )

As much as I love this band and this song, I felt like this time Yui got the inspiration from a certain dictator from the past that massacred a lot of people. Or it could have been from the Mirai Nikki animu. I don't know. I don't want to start watching an animu just to find out.

Translation made possible with Google translate.

Yousei Teikoku - Herrscher [Ruler]
Lyrics by: Fairy Yui

KanjiCollapse )

RomajiCollapse )

TranslationCollapse )


FLiP - Saigo no Bansan [English translation]

Posted on 2012.02.19 at 00:18
Current Music: ルルティア - オール | Powered by Last.fm
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B-side for Wonderland single. I find that I like this song better for no reason except it's much more heavier.

I don't think I did my best with this song.

FLiP - Saigo no Bansan [The Last Supper]
Lyrics: Sayaka Miyagi and Junji Ishiwatari

Read more...Collapse )


Hitomi Toi - Ima, Parkway [English translation]

Posted on 2012.02.19 at 00:04
Current Music: ルルティア - 銀の炎 | Powered by Last.fm
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As requested. I did my best I think.

Translating this song reminded me of how much I missed this woman.

Hitomi Toi - Ima, Parkway [Now at the parkway]
Lyrics; Hitomi Toi

Read more...Collapse )


FLiP - Wonderland [English translation]

Posted on 2012.02.15 at 01:57
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Welp. I thought I might do Hoshii Mono wa first but I chose to this one instead because at first it sounds like a simple song to translate. Turns out I'm wrong. As always.

No speak Japonese. Learned some from my third language classes only, so I might had interpreted some parts wrongly.

FLiP - Wonderland
Lyrics by; Sachiko Tonaki and Junji Ishiwatari

Aim for the wonderland~Collapse )


Yousei Teikoku - EGOIST

Posted on 2012.01.26 at 00:55
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Yeah I translate this song since I love it so much. I think the song's meanings are quite obvious. Sometimes I wonder if Fairy Yui ever wrote a happier song...

No hablo Japonese.

Yousei Teikoku - EGOIST
written by Fairy Yui

Such foolish egoist humans areCollapse )


[sharing] nano.RIPE

Posted on 2012.01.01 at 19:24
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nano.RIPE is a band most familiarized for their contribution for the opening theme for the animu Hanasaku Iroha. They started from an indie band until 2010 when they singed under Lantis. The band started out with four members but after the release of their first debut album, the drummer left. I'd say they're about as usual Pop/Rock as a band might get but somehow they have something special in them. I recommend anyone to give them a try, despite whatever your choice of music would be.


Download Jikuu Fresco


Download Hoshi no Yoru no Myaku no Oto no


[sharing] Nana Tanimura

Posted on 2012.01.01 at 19:13
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Nana Tanimura is someone who had debuted since 2007 but had only released her full album/singles compilation in 2011. I don't know why they kept her with little exposure like that. She got some strong vocals and fun, dancey R&B/Pop tunes. She handle her ballads quite well too. I'd say if you like Koda Kumi, you might like Nana too.


Download NANA BEST Part1 || Part2
(#16 is the English version of the song, just so you know)

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