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RURUTIA - Pluie (English 'welp I tried' version)

Posted on 2014.05.09 at 22:38
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dear rurutia,

can u not write songs too beautyly
my heart cannot take
i may die 'too much pretty song' one day
but not that im not looking forward to that tho

soon dead,

Anyhow, here's my take. I've seen others' and there are many differences than what I came up with.
There's just too many 'omg so deep i can't even see anymore' lines in this song.

Prolly help if I would finish the game Atelier Escha & Logy first maybe.

Pluie [ French for 'rain']
Lyrics:  Rurutia

渦巻く 花びらが 空へと舞い上がり また落ちていく
遥かな大地 乾いた風 君と二人 歩き進んでく

何もあげられない 何も この手に残っていなくて
ただ 地平線に滲む炎が 希望という名前なら それだけでいい

ずっとその胸に描いてた 物語の風景の果てに
君の探し求める答えがあるのなら ああ
ねえ ほら オーロラに導かれるように
プリズムの波を渡り 前だけを見て

やがて燃え尽き世界が飲み込まれても 君に血潮を捧げよう

輝く君の飛び立つ姿 銀の灯を身にまとう
その瞬間を見届ける事こそが この胸の答え
ねえ きっと オーロラに導かれて 一人
プリズムの波を渡り 旅立つ君に
光の雨は降る uh…

ずっとその胸に描いてた 物語の風景の果てに
君の探し求める答えがあるのなら ああ


Flower petals swirling up towards the sky, only to fall back again to the ground
We continued to walk together, the two of us, in the dry air of a distant land

I have nothing to give, none at all remained with me
But if I can just name the fading flame over the horizon a hope, then that will be enough

The answers you seek had always been there;
at the very edge of the scenery in the story drawn in your heart
Hey look, the auroras are like a guide (leading towards there)
Although we can only watch them from across the prismatic waves,
Seeing through the rain of lights

I would still be offering all of me* for you
Even if I would be completely consumed by this burning world

Certainly, just to see you - clad in silver flame, shining so brightly,
Just to witness that moment when you took off;
are all the answers to my story**
Hey, for surely the auroras will be as your guide;
for your journey to cross the prismatic waves alone
The rain of lights are falling...

The answers you seek had always been there;
at the very edge of the scenery in the story drawn in your heart


* 血潮 (chishio), from what I can find, literally meant the 'blood spilled from your body'.
though I don't doubt Rurutia intended for the literal meaning - she had mentioned 'willing to kill' in her lyrics before,
I'm going for the far-fetched metaphorical meaning instead

** referred to the previous chorus. literal translation will not mean much.

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